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Guidelines on How to Adapt Mala Beads in Your Meditation

Mala beads have been used in meditation for several centuries now. Buddhism and Hinduism are the main religions which are attributed to the initial use of meditation beads in prayers. In modern-day meditation beads are used globally for personal meditation to enhance the focus of the process. Inner peace and dedicated focus are essential aspects of the meditation experience to be successful. The use of meditation beads in daily meditation activities like yoga is to improve the focus during such practices. You can use the guidelines below to integrate mala beads in your daily meditation routine.

The first step is to ensure you are aware of your meditation goal. Different people have various reasons for meditation. Based on the goals you have in mind, you should choose mala beads that match your intentions to ensure the best experiences. The various mala beads for different purposes are peace, love and prosperity meditation beads. The mantra you select for the meditation is also guided by the goal of your meditation. Some mantras are unique to be used in particular meditation goals hence the goal should be well established.

The second step is to ensure you select a suitable location and position for your meditation. Your site should be free of any disturbances so that you can have quality meditation time. Solitude and silence are the optimal meditation conditions one can ever hope to get. A cross-legged sitting position is the ultimate meditation position while ensuring that there is comfort in the sitting position. Sitting on a soft material such as a pillow or a heavy sheet can also be used to enhance comfort.

The third guide is to ensure you adopt crucial breathing methods in your meditation for personal comfort. It is wise to take long nose breaths and while controlling the exhales through the mouth. Breathing out through the mouth should also be in unison with you mantras. The right-hand ring finger should be the anchor of the mala beads while you are begging the meditation. The thumb finger is then used to slowly turn the meditation beads one bead at a time along the middle finger while making the affirmation chants.

The final tip is to stop the affirmation chants when you reach the summit bid. The correct movement method after reaching the guru bead at the end of the meditation cycle is to rotate the beads and start counting from to the previous direction. It is essential to check on your breathing and ensure it is still manageable and in the right format. How long the meditation process continues depends on your personal needs.

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